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Retiring, changing careers, getting married, getting divorced, having a baby, moving to a new city, and many more situations are all clear life transitions that come with extensive changes to your routine. If you’re concerned about how you’ll cope with a life-altering change, life coach Bethany Perry and her team welcome you to explore the benefits of personalized life coaching in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and from wherever you call home. Call the office for more information today, or schedule your life coaching consultation online. 

What are life transitions?

Life transitions might come unexpectedly or after months or years of planning. In either case, when the transition happens, you might run into unexpected challenges. Life transitions can be significant sources of stress, even if they bring positive changes overall. Life coaching can help you address and overcome the challenges that come with change. 


Bethany Perry and her team create a personalized approach to help you grapple with major transitions in life. Bethany provides a space for you to be vulnerable about your concerns and offers support so you can stay grounded as you adjust to a new outlook and routine. 

What are some common life transitions?

Life transitions can come in many forms. They’re important events that alter your surroundings and routine. Sometimes, they result from impactful events in your life that change your perspective on the world around you. 


A few examples of common life transitions that can benefit from life coaching are:


  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • The death of a loved one
  • A new career
  • Retirement
  • A mid-life crisis
  • Becoming a parent
  • Graduating from school
  • A new medical or psychiatric diagnosis
  • Moving


Sometimes, life transitions come at times that are difficult to predict. If you go through any change in life that makes you re-evaluate your priorities and your personal value, it’s the perfect time to pursue life coaching from Bethany Perry and her team. 

How does life coaching help with life transitions?

Life coach Bethany Perry provides goal-oriented life coaching for people who need support as they go through changes. Bethany and the team provide the personalized support and encouragement you need after helping you set goals and express your concerns.


Life coaching focuses on mental and emotional wellness, which are particularly important for your resilience to change. Through life coaching, you can develop coping skills for stress and manage your moods more effectively.


Bethany and the team help you practice self-awareness and mindfulness so you can be present and aware of your emotions. They also help you implement stress management strategies in everyday life, which you can continue to use even after you go through your life coaching program.

If you’re in the midst of a life transition, don’t hesitate to get the support you need. Call Bethany Perry for life coaching or schedule a visit online today.