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Reframing Techniques services offered in Rochester Hills, MI

Negative thought patterns often have a widespread impact, causing emotional decline and additional issues like low self-esteem. Reframing techniques from life coach Bethany Perry in Rochester Hills, Michigan, or anywhere online, allow you to reconsider your thought patterns and work toward changing them in an uplifting way. Call Bethany Perry or book your wellness consultation to find out more about reframing techniques today.

What are reframing techniques?

Reframing techniques are cognitive strategies for helping you see particular circumstances, relationships, people, events, or memories in a new light. By changing your perspective on situations you see as “negative,” you can approach them in a more positive or solutions-oriented manner. 


Bethany Perry can coach you with reframing techniques to help you develop a more optimistic outlook on life. Before reframing, it is common to be stuck in negative thought patterns surrounding certain parts of your life. Reframing helps you change not only your thought patterns but also your emotions and behaviors. The effect can be overwhelmingly positive for your well-being. 

Can I benefit from reframing techniques?

Bethany welcomes you to visit with her and the team about reframing techniques and their benefits. While every individual has unique needs and concerns, many common experiences could lead to negative thoughts and feelings. You might benefit from reframing techniques if you struggle with:


  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief
  • Low self-esteem


No matter what you’d like to reframe, Bethany and the team offer helpful and individualized perspectives to change your perspective. 

How does reframing work?

Reframing techniques are simple on the surface but often require lots of practice and mental effort. Bethany and the team implore you to:

Examine your thoughts

The first step in reframing is to identify the negative thought pattern influencing your emotions. Bethany supports your ability to catch yourself whenever you start to fall into these patterns and when you encounter triggers. 

Challenge your thoughts

A key part of any reframing technique is challenging the thought pattern. Observe whether the thought is based on objective truth and consider alternative approaches. 

Find positive alternatives

Once you identify other, more positive ways of interpreting your thoughts, you can work on implementing them every day. Bethany gives you useful strategies to use for this. 


Reframing techniques validate your emotions while helping you adopt a more positive outlook and a less stressful lifestyle. 


For more information about reframing and how it can transform your viewpoints and feelings, call Bethany Perry or book a wellness consultation online today.