Bethany Perry

Life Coach & Brain Health located in Rochester Hills, MI

Bethany Perry

Bethany Perry is an intuitive life coach who creates space for her clients to unravel the stressors in their lives and develop personalized solutions and coping strategies. She serves a diverse clientele in Rochester Hills, Michigan, as well as with people around the world using advanced neuroscience and intuition-based methods. 

Bethany displays an unmatched passion for her work and uses a compassionate, nonjudgmental approach. She understands that every person is a dynamic individual with needs and aspirations that can evolve over time. After careful evaluation, she develops individualized strategies for overcoming life transitions, stress, trauma, weight concerns, and other limitations. 

Depending on a person’s needs, Bethany frequently uses strategies like resilience development, reframing techniques, and Brainspotting therapy to help them navigate life’s challenges and overcome adversity. She also provides nutrition and weight loss services for overall wellness, including her one-of-a-kind Gratuitive Eating program. This program focuses on taking an intuitive eating approach to weight loss. Additionally, she provides business coaching for professionals looking to strengthen their motivation and management skills. 

Bethany has much experience in her field and is currently earning a MicroMaster certification in psychological neuroscience from the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Toronto, Canada. Her thesis focuses on the use of food to nurture trauma as opposed to nurturing health and wellness. 

With years of experience in life coaching and countless positive reviews from former clients, Bethany now offers training services to help others become life coaches too. 

Outside of her work, Bethany loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren. She also loves kayaking, practicing yoga, and adventuring with her pups.